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I'm dragging after the awesome concert last night. We were in the front row of a mostly-acoustic Guster show. Although that didn't mean much screaming or underwear-throwing, it did mean not getting to sleep until midnight.

Fortunately, it worked out that I won't have to be "on" much today (except for driving through rush-hour slush to the other end of the city). I'm going with a group of my co-workers to observe at another school. It's going to be a hell of a commute, but I'm excited to go because this is the first school where I had a contract in Seattle, some 13 years ago. I don't think many of the same teachers are still there, but I'll be curious whether the principal even shows a tiny glimmer of recognition. I won't be surprised if she doesn't. After all, I have a different last name now. I'm a mom--can you see that in my attitude? I weigh 40 pounds less. My hair is longer, better-styled, less butch. She won't see it, but I'm a much better teacher--and now I'm an instructional coach, helping other teachers be their best. Most important, I have at least double the self-confidence.

I hope I have even more to be proud of in 2025. :)
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