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I like to think I'm pretty laid-back, and in many ways that's true. But in some ways, I'm way more OCD than I realize. To wit:

- Our everyday plates and bowls are collections of randomness, but if they aren't stacked so that the matching pairs are together, I re-do it. That way I can compare amounts more easily when serving.
- No food (or anything other than water) must be put in the right side of the sink. Ever, ever, ever. That side is impossible to clean.
- Knives from the block must be used from right to left. Avoid using the leftmost one, which has a melted spot on its handle.
- The dishwasher must be loaded efficiently, run as infrequently as possible, and filled from back to front. When you're the first to get onto a soon-to-be crowded elevator, do you stand right next to the door?
- Even if both are freshly washed, wheat goes on the small cutting board and the big cutting board is reserved for gluten-free stuff. Consistency prevents contamination.
- Similarly, gluten-free sandwiches must always be made and cut first--that way you only dirty one knife.
- Placing soap directly on a sponge is an abomination unto the lord.
- There are plenty more, if I could remember them right now.

I think all these things are pretty reasonable, but they're definitely not obvious. And that would be fine if I were the only one operating in our kitchen. As it is, we often have babysitters and friends who very helpfully clean up. I'm sure they would follow my silly rules if I asked nicely, but a) correcting them it seems ungrateful and b) I never remember to mention them until it's too late and I'm grouchily cleaning food out of the sink or re-stacking the bowls. Putting little signs around the house would definitely count as passive-aggressive.

So perhaps, like so many other things, it's time to let it go.

What are you picky about?
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