Jan. 22nd, 2012

miss_swamp: (twins)
Every night as part of our bedtime routine, I ask the boys two questions. The first is: "What was fun today?" They used to answer pretty straightforwardly, but lately, unless we did something completely spectacular, Bobby just says "Pizza!" (whether we ate pizza or not), and Andrew says, "Everything!" It's a little lazy, but whatever.

The second question is: "How did you help someone today?" Again, they used to try to answer the question. I'd help them think of simple ideas: finding Ellen's monkey, putting some dishes away, sharing toys. But I guess that got boring, because now they both think of the most fantastic stories they can. Now they anticipate it: "Mama, ask me how I helped somebody!" so they can say stuff like: "I helped Keagan [whom they haven't seen in 6 weeks] because she was stuck in a fire and she couldn't see" or "I helped Zach because he was stuck in a hole after he planted some blueberry plants" or "I helped Grandpa Sage make some mint ice cream." Stuff like that, different every night. What? I try to lead them back to things they really did, but compared to putting out fires, sharing your teddy bear is awfully dull.

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