Feb. 22nd, 2012


Feb. 22nd, 2012 10:31 pm
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- I'm off all week for our last-ever Midwinter Break. The kids are rotating illness, but it's been pretty good so far anyway. Ellen and I shared a real live wheat-and-butter croissant yesterday while the boys were at preschool, then went and played at the tot gym with SAHMs and SAHDs and 20-year-old nannies. She's so much more adventurous than the boys were at her age, willing to go on the bigger slides and try the bounce house and stuff.

- James took the morning off to take the boys to the doctor (Andrew has an ear infection) so I could spend some time with college friends who were visiting for the first time in 5.5 years. They brought their daughter, 4 months younger than Ellen, and the little girls had a blast. It also confirmed just how verbal Ellen really is. The other girl has over 100 signs, but Ellen? She'll tell you how it is.

- I'm in an exercise rut. I still run most days, though not this morning since we feared a Bobby melt-down, but I haven't really gotten faster or stronger all year. I need to get back to doing yoga in the evenings, but once I settle my butt on the sofa it's way too easy for it to stay there.

- My brother and his girlfriend are visiting in 2 weeks. I wish I had more time and energy to clean.

- It's a couple of months out yet, but I'm going to apply for a new job. Seattle Public Schools is starting a brand-new math, science and technology elementary school opening in West Seattle. Starting a new program, focusing on what I'm good at, getting away from the drama at my current workplace, keeping public school benefits: doesn't that sound good? Plus, West Seattle is at the top of our list if we were to move from this house. That probably wouldn't be for at least 2-3 more years, when we're done paying for day care. Anyway, I'm already starting to scheme about my resume, the interview, and program ideas. Don't count those chickens yet, Liss....

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