Mar. 20th, 2012

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After my last post, I put a similar query to the Facebook world. I got a ton of widely varied responses. It's a public post, if you want to look. Some of the respondents are friends of friends, even. I don't know. People say exposure is inevitable, but for us it was a religious issue. Would you tell your Jewish friends to go ahead and buy bacon because they won't be able to resist pork forever? I know that's a bad analogy, but to me "it's inevitable" is lazy.

Anyway, this part amused me.

Here's my mom's response: no excuse for them. period. you can have a pirate party with a treasure hunt. no swords, no guns. you could have blindfolded kids putting a patch on a big pirate face or gold pieces on a treasure chest. there is nothing you can say to convince me that toy weapons are ok.

Aaaaannnd here's my mother-in-law's: Used to be standard fare to play with weapons and cap guns, bow and arrows, fake swords even BB guns. The problem lies in the media current frenzy over gun control. Where it was acceptable now there is pressure. How can you avoid exposure when it is all over the TV and movies? It is sad but they must be prepared to defend themselves later in life. and feel confident about it.

Well, then.

If you had any doubt that James and I come from different worlds, here is Exhibit A. Actually, my mom would point out, TV and movies don't have to be inevitable either. Remember the part where we grew up with not TV (and I still believe we're better for it)? But they live a thousand miles apart and may never have reason to see each other again, and I don't really feel the need to have this full conversation with either of them.

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