Jan. 23rd, 2013

miss_swamp: (apple)
That's Fahrenheit.
That's what my parents had over the weekend.
That's damn cold.

We were in Minnesota over Christmas, and part of me didn't want to leave. The kids hadn't been there before, but my parents had prepared very well with games and toys, so it was an easy transition. Having more adults than kids didn't hurt. The kids who used to babysit me have teenagers; the kids I used to babysit are married. We went to the bakery (still the best). We went to church (that congregation has sure changed). The lakes were frozen. The roads were icy. Driving around, Minneapolis (where I've never actually lived as an adult) felt like home.

It IS home, still. I've been in Seattle for 14 years, but I think in my heart I'll always be a Midwesterner. But that doesn't mean moving back. We have good jobs here, and a house that can be paid off before our kids start college. Sometimes I feel sad about not really having a "the girls" or "the usual suspects," but we have lots of friends of all kinds. I know the schools here. I know how to get around. This is where we belong.

And it's not minus-8.

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