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Remember how much it used to snow when you were little? Huge piles of snow, right? And that never happens now, and that's probably not all due to global warming but partly due to nostalgia and the fact that you're a lot taller now? Remember how tasty Twinkies were back then? Remember how cool you were, with your pegged jeans?

That's kind of how it was with Seattle Mennonite. )
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My preconceptions of Baptists: Bible-thumping, Hell-fire-preaching, gay-bashing, Gospel-singing, flag-waving, woman-hating crazies.

So, what about Seattle First Baptist? )
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I really wanted to like Bethany United Church of Christ, the closest church to our house that's in any way theologically progressive or queer-friendly. You can walk most of the way there on the Chief Sealth Trail, a non-motorized path that separates our place from the library parking lot--how cute is that? But I was nervous that it would be a bunch of knee-jerk liberal, Beacon Hill-gentrifying white people, the kind who talk about diversity and drive hybrid cars but won't send their kids to the neighborhood school.

So? )

I'm pretty sure I wasn't lying when I said I'd be back.
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I'll get to this week's church review in a minute. But first, a note on Communion. )
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Two weeks ago [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin and I started our church surfing adventures at St. Mark's Episcopal on Capitol Hill. He covered that service reasonably well, but now I need to start documenting things as well. I'm actually considering starting a new journal on another site--blogspot or whatever--so I can tell my Mom about it without her stumbling upon this one.

I'm not sure yet what my goal for this project is. I don't particularly miss church; in fact, Sunday morning lounging with my boy, the newspaper and some hot scones is one of my favorite times of the week. But it would be nice to be able to go at Christmas without feeling like a hypocrite. And I do sometimes miss that super-diverse community, the designated time to consider Bigger Issues, the potlucks. I want to explore the options.

If nothing else, I want to be ready to at least expose our kids to a few possibilities. Living in this neighborhood, they're sure to make a few fundamentalist friends. I remember not long before my family got Churched (we didn't go Mennonite until I was about 7), going to a fundie friend's house and getting told about Jesus and how if I wasn't careful I might end up in a place called Hell. If I'd had any kind of information about such things, maybe I wouldn't have been so terrified. Maybe I wouldn't have gone fundie myself for a while. I like coming from a religious background, I enjoy knowing the Bible as well as I do, but our kids don't need to swing as extremely as I have.

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