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The Knot says, "Nine months left!  You have 15 items overdue!  You have 166 items left on your to-do list!  Only 270 days to go! Aaaaaugh!!!"

Every time I check my gmail, this kind of thing is all that's there.  Somebody send me some better gmail. 

So I say, "Frankly, Knot, I don't give a damn.  There's no need to be so frantic.  We got two big items checked off this weekend, and I'm just not going to lose sleep over colors.  On the other hand, 270 days is far too many.  If we just elope now, will you stop nagging me?" 

[profile] amiable_lyons says I'm not enthusiastic enough about wedding planning.

Well, fine. )

See? I think about these things. Then I think about other things, like: how do you people with desk jobs stand to sit all day? Why has the Seattle School District started filtering sports sites? How can I get these stupid pop-ups off my computer? Why is my car making that weird noise? Should I wear boots, pumps or Mary Janes with my new plaid skirt?

But I think about wedding stuff too.

it begins

Sep. 1st, 2005 07:32 am
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I made the mistake of telling my Mom that since we're both on Verizon, she can call me for free anytime. So, of course, she's been doing just that--often two or three times a day. Mostly about random wedding thoughts she has. When she called to ask if I wouldn't please go back to church so we can get married in church, well, perhaps "Jesus, Mom!" was not kindest answer.

People at work are all abuzz; thank goodness there's also a new baby to take away some of the attention. My teaching assistant, who wasn't invited to my teaching partner's big Chinese wedding banquet this summer, has been telling me three times a day how Mr. W "alienated" a lot of people by excluding them. Look, lady, it's my wedding; if I want to alienate people, that's my choice. Come to think of it, what a good idea to alienate you. Three times a day she says, "I better be invited to your wedding." But then she also wants to know why we're not having a church wedding. BECAUSE ALL OUR FRIENDS WILL BE IN HELL SO WE WANT TO GO THERE TOO. Only I have to work with her all year, so I can't say that.

I signed up for The Knot in order to find a reception site (though I actually found the place from Seattle Bride magazine, which I read wearing goggles and latex gloves). Today I got our September checklist: "You have 11 items overdue!!!" These include having an engagement party and announcing it in the newspaper, choosing a color scheme, choosing/inviting attendants, and interviewing caterers and DJs/bands. We're way ahead of the game on gowns, though. Whee. Getting a good photo doesn't seem like a terrible idea, but that just may be impossible.

The Knot says: Days to go: 323. No, I will not be posting a counter on my LJ info page, who do you think I am??

Anyway, right now I've gotta focus on the six days to go before school starts.

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