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What do you call it when you have an acquaintance whom you hit it off with, but you don't see often enough to really become friends? As part of my job, I coordinate with non-profit groups running programs in our school. Two of the program managers are super-cool (in the nerdy educational non-profit way). If this were Internet-land, I'd add them, or I'd start commenting after them on mutual friends' posts, or something. But I only see them a few times a year and I don't know of any mutual friends in real life. I didn't "hey, wanna go for drinks" when I was single (at least not since finishing school); I'm not really comfortable starting now. Thank God I'm married.

Anyway, I'm running a workshop for one of the non-profits tomorrow morning. And the program manager of the other non-profit is going to be taking the workshop. So obviously, I spent weeks prepping this and I'll probably only get through half my carefully-sculpted, AWESOME material in the 2-hour session.

And then I left the thumb drive with all my stuff on my desk at work, so I have to go back there before I can go teach the workshop. Lame.

And THEN tomorrow night I'm going to the swanky fundraiser for the other non-profit. I go every year. It's pretty much the only swanky thing I do. And the program manager, the one who'll be in my workshop 9 hours prior, is going to be at my table. Along with a lot of wine.

So maybe I'll get around to making the first (totally platonic) move.
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